This Network Fundamentals Series by "Network Direction" hosted by Luke is designed to help anyone wanting to get into the IT field learn more about Networking. We will introduce you to the terminology used in the field and help you understand what it means. Whether you're a newbie in the IT field, looking for a career in computer networking or just someone who's always been fascinated by the magic of networking, this series is tailor-made for you...

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In this 2nd Half of the Intro Video, we explain how networks connect devices together, and what SOHO networks are, SMB networks, LANs and WANs.

In Part 2, we show you the different types of cabling and addresses used on computer networks.

In Part 3 we're going to discuss the OSI Model - how it works, why we use it.

In Part 4 we're looking at IP Addresses and how they work, as well as why we need and used them on a computer network.

In Part 5 we get more in-depth into the details of IP Addresses and their usage.

In Part 6 we look at the TCP/IP Model in computer networking.

Part 7 - What are TCP and UDP?

Part 8 - The Three-Way Handshake...TCP Connection Establishment

Part 9 - Error Recovery and Flow Control

Part 10 - Cisco CLI (Command Line Interface) for Beginners

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Part 11 - How Switching Works...

Part 12 - How VLANs Work

Part 13 - VLAN Trunk Links

Part 14 -
Understanding ACLs (Access Control Lists)

Part 15 -
Understanding ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

Part 16 -
What Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) All About?

Part 17 -
Getting Started With DNS (Domain Name System)

Part 18 -
Static Route Configuration

Part 19 -
Dynamic Routing: Routing Protocols and Traffic Forwarding

Part 20 -
How RIP (Routing Information Protocol) Works

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Part 21 -
How to Use NAT (Network Address Translation)

Part 22 -
Does Network Time Really Matter?

Part 23 -
Sending Logs to a Syslog Server

Part 24 -
How SNMP Works

Part 25 -
Introduction to Spanning Tree

Part 26 -
How Spanning Tree Works

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