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When you're first starting out in computer networking with the intent of getting into a good career or starting your own business, you need to know the Basics and have a good foundation for understanding them...Technologies, Protocols, Certifications. I want to help you get that Fantastic Start!

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understand the Basics of computer networking...

It is a long established fact that a someone just starting out in the field of computer networking and networks in general can feel overwhelm and frustration at all the technologies, acronyms, definitions, tests and certifications they have to learn. But I'm here to help you feel at ease as we launch into the networking field with the basics, then dig deeper into each topic as we go along.

About me

I start you out at the 30,000 foot view to give you perspective

To fully grasp any topic you have to start out from what's called the 30,000 foot view, then proceed from there. This is exactly the method I used to teach computer networking.

My Specialties
The Basics

You have to understand the Basics of a topic before you know the WHY of having to learn every other detail about it. I like to start my students out with the overall Basics, then get more in-depth from there...especially with computer networking.


Learning about and discovering every technology in computer networking is important, but it's much better and easier to start slowly and work our way to the more advanced as we go.

Advancing To The Next Level

In every field there is a need to always be advancing and improving. In the I/T Field, that is more predominant than anywhere else. I'm here to help my students move to that next step for them (whatever that next step needs to be).

I Help you Turn your computer networking dreams into reality

I'm here to help you get started on your own career or business in the field of computer networking. Together we will get you a firm grasp of the technologies and functions of computer networking components and protocols...then get you to where you've always dreamt of going.

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Clint's Workshop helped me get started on passing my Network+ cert. Been following him ever since.

Paul Villarreal Network Administrator

I was extremely frustrated at all the technologies when I first started out in computer networking, but Clint's knowledge, courses and help got me through passing my certifications and started in my own career. 

Lisa N. Network Technician

I'm currently a software engineer, but I began my own career/business in networking and what I learned from Ace Networker was the rocket boost I needed to really get my foot in the door.

Melinda B. Software Engineer