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This website is here to show you how easy and simple computer networking can be to understand…even if you’re new to the field and you’re just getting started!

Let’s put computer networking knowledge in your brain…

What we Do

Taking The ‘Confusion’ Out of Networking

When you first get started in the field of computer networking, things you don’t know can be a little scary and confusing. We’re going to give you an overall understanding of networking to completely dispell those fears and unknowns. My philosophy is “Once you know…you KNOW”


Simplicity In Education


Questions Answered


We cover the basics of the hardware components that make up a computer network – Why they’re used, what we need each one to do.


Knowing what the most common troubleshooting issues on a computer network are (in the very beginning) is a massive heads-up to prepare you for what lies ahead.

Basic Concepts

You don’t need all the details. You need to know the Basics and how everything works together to create a working network.

Process Automation

As you get into computer networking, you need to take a deeper dive on each topic and protocol. We quickly get you to a deeper understanding of what everything is and how it’s used.

From “Newbie” to Expert

Basics to Advanced

I know what it’s like just starting out in the field of I/T and computer networking. I’m here to help you really “get” the Basics, then quickly advance to Expert.


Start With The Basics


Work Up To Expert


I work with a wide variety of students from all walks of life

I have students that are just starting out of high school, and I have students that are making a career-change midway through their life. There are many who just want to learn and understand computer networking for a myriad list of reasons. 


Curiosity Seekers


Serious Career/Business Builders

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This beginner mini-course will show you the 30,000 foot view of computer networking to get you started!

Get On The Waiting List…

Within the next few months, I’m going to be releasing the ‘Network Ace’ Book with a link to the accompanying course to really take the “newbie” deep into a thorough understanding of computer networking and give you a reference you can use throughout your career. Make sure to sign up for the waiting list to be notified as soon as enrollment is open!

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