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About Me
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Hi! My name is Clint Garrett. I go by the title "Ace Networker" here in the online world.

I started out as a retail manager in my twenties, but soon realized I wanted something more...something in the I/T realm. And computer networking always interested me more than any other area.

I initially studied to get some early certifications (A+, Network+ and CCNA) which allowed me to get a job in desktop support. From there I simply learned, asked questions and advanced as quickly as I could until I found myself working as a Senior Network Engineer and Designer for a major Fortune 500 information technology company.

As I learned and grew I always found it extremely fulfilling to teach those that were new to the industry to help them not only understand the technology, but to advance themselves as far as they wanted to go.

I lived in the State of Texas for 47 years, but have recently moved to the great state of Idaho to be closer to my wife's family.

I started this website with the intention to make networking easy - to simplify it to the most basic components and make it fun and easy to learn!

I'm glad you've decided to check out everything I have here and my sincere hope for you is if you're just starting out toward the networking field in I/T, that you check out all the videos and posts I've got for you on here, ask me questions, and advance faster than struggling on your own.

Here's to your success!

Clint Garrett

Ace Networker

we Turn Your Computer Networking Dreams into reality

You've got a Goal in mind for where you want to go in the Computer Networking field. I want to help you reach it as fast and easily as possible! 

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What I Do
Networking Basics

With any topic (especially with computer networking) you have to start out with the Basics...and work up from there. That's exactly how I teach my students. 

NETWORK+ Preparedness

My overall initial intent on getting you off to a good start in your OWN networking career/business is to help you pass the NETWORK+ Exam and get your Certification. 

Advanced Training

Once you've grasped the basics in computer networking, it's time to advance to the Next-Level. I want to help you do just that... 

Hours Of Work
Projects Completed
Awards Won

Clint's Workshop helped me get started on passing my Network+ cert. Been following him ever since. 

Paul Villarreal Network Administrator

Ace Networker's training and courses helped me truly develop the experience and knowledge I needed to move into the career I wanted. He simplifies the complicated.

Justin R. Project Manager

I'm currently a software engineer, but I began my own career/business in networking and what I learned from Ace Networker was the rocket boost I needed to really get my foot in the door.

Melinda B. Software Engineer